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For President

President Donald J Trump

Congressional District 10

Dr. Ted Howze

Senate District 5

Jim Ridenour

Assembly District 12

Heath Flora

Assembly District 21

Joel Campos

For Modesto Mayor

Doug Ridenour

Modesto City Council District 3

Jim Applegate

Modesto City Council District 6

David Wright Jr

For Ceres Mayor

Bret Durossette

Ceres Council District 3

Bret Silveira

Ceres Council District 4

Mike Kline

For Newman Mayor

Casey Graham

Turlock Council District 2

Rebecka Monez

Turlock Council District 4

Pam Franco

YCCD Trustee

Please List Below

Area 3

Dr. Milton Richards

Area 6

Leslie Beggs

Area 7

Tony Aguilar

Modesto Irrigation

Larry Byrd

Superior Court Judge District 5

John R. Mayne