Who’s Running

Help Us Elect Great Leaders

There are over 100 (fact check needed) seats up for election within Stanislaus County. We want to know everyone who is running or planning on running, regardless of the candidates’ party. This can help us avoid future situations where seats are given to Democrats by default (due to a lack of a Republican or independent candidate).

Our community could use great public servants. Even if you have limited experience, if you are open to the possibility of serving your community as an elected or appointed official, please complete the “Know Someone Who’s Running?” form at the bottom of this page. This can help us identify leadership opportunities for you.

Known Candidates

Below is a list of candidates who are running. If you are aware of someone who does not yet have a listing, please let us know by filling out the “Know Someone Who’s Running?” form. You do not need to be affiliated with the candidate. We appreciate your help with building this list.

Note: This list is under construction and is incomplete. If you have submitted the form recently, please allow some time for us to update this page accordingly. We review each submission prior to listing it on this page.

Know Someone Who’s Running?

Are you a candidate seeking endorsement?

If you are a candidate who would like endorsement from Republican Party of Stanislaus County, you can read our endorsement policy and fill out our endorsement request form.