Elected Officials

Meet our committee

The Republican Party of Stanislaus County (RPSC) Central Committee consists of 23 members and 6 Ex-Officials.

Each member is elected to a 4 Year Term

Elections for the Central committee are held during Presidential Primary

A vacancy occurs when a member resigns, at which time a seat becomes available for an appointment.

In order to be considered for an appointment a member must be a registered Republican for 1 Year.

Meet The Committee

District 1
Bob Cain David Avila
Nancy Hinton Angela Richardson
Emma Alonzo Ali Castaneda
Jay Gilbert
Kent Higgins Keneth Frisch
Todd Kleinert
District 2
Christan Santos
Kelly Thompson
Thomas Pannier
District 3
Doug Buchanan
Terry Petty
Nick Morris Meleen Green
Peggy Ann Schaffran
District 4
Joseph Day
Michael Wood Rueth Langrock
Joyce Francis Debra Eggerman
Sandra Williams David Wright Jr
Joyce Parker
District 5
Samuel Bosshardt
Ted Howze Lydia Kanno
Heath Flora
Jim Ridenour Nick Dokoozlian
Rob Pythress
Joel Campos
Andreas Borgeas

Executive Board

Chairman Joseph Day
Vice-Chair Michael Wood
Secretary Todd Kleinert
Membership Chair Emma Alonzo
Treaurer Joyce Francis
DistrictCaucus Chair
District 1 Bob Cain
District 2 Kelly Thompson
District 3 Terry Petty
District 4 Sandra Williams
District 5 Samuel Bosshardt

Elected Officials

Bill Zoslocki
Modesto City Council District 4
David Wright
Modesto City Council District 6
Andreas Borgeas
State Senate District 8
Heath Flora
Assembly District 12
Pam Franco
Turlock City Council
Rebecka Monez
Turlock City Council
Amy Bublak
Mayor Amy Bublak
Terry Withrow
Board of Supervisor District 3
Vito Chiesa
Board of Supervisor District 2
Buck Condit
Board of Supervisor District 1