Elected Officials

Meet our committee

The Republican Party of Stanislaus County (RPSC) Central Committee consists of 23 members and 6 Ex-Officials.

Each member is elected to a 4 Year Term

Elections for the Central committee are held during Presidential Primary

A vacancy occurs when a member resigns, at which time a seat becomes available for an appointment.

In order to be considered for an appointment a member must be a registered Republican for 1 Year.

Meet The Committee

District 1
Bob CainDavid Avila
Nancy HintonAngela Richardson
Emma AlonzoAli Castaneda
Jay Gilbert Donald E. Riise
Kent HigginsKeneth Frisch
Todd Kleinert
District 2
Christan Santos
Kelly Thompson
Thomas Pannier
Landon Whitney
District 3
Doug Buchanan
Joel Campos
Peggy Ann Schaffran
District 4
Joseph Day
Michael WoodRueth Langrock
Joyce FrancisPat O'Brian
Sandra WilliamsDavid Wright Jr
Joyce ParkerKyle Westphal
District 5
Samuel Bosshardt
Daniel Martinez
Tom McClintockLydia Kanno
Heath Flora
Jim RidenourNick Dokoozlian
Tom Patti
Juan Alanis
John Duarte

Executive Board

ChairmanJoseph Day
Vice-ChairMichael Wood
Secretary Todd Kleinert
Membership ChairEmma Alonzo
TreaurerJoyce Francis
DistrictCaucus Chair
District 1Bob Cain
District 2Kelly Thompson
District 3Peggy Ann Schaffran
District 4Sandra Williams
District 5Samuel Bosshardt

Elected Officials

Nancy Hinton
YCCD Area 2
Pam Franco
Turlock City Council
Rebecka Monez
Turlock City Council
Amy Bublak
Turlock Mayor
Tom McClintock
Congressional Distrct 5
Vito Chiesa
Board of Supervisor District 2
Buck Condit
Board of Supervisor District 1
David Wright
Modesto City Council District 6
Heath Flora
Assembly District 12

The New Congressional Maps

The New Assembly / Senate Maps