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Becoming a precinct captain for the Republican Party is the most impactful

What is a precinct captain?

The Precinct Captain is THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! No, it’s not the Chairman, it’s not the elected official, it’s not the person writing checks. It’s the Precinct Captain – the person who visits fellow Republicans in person twice before election day to thank them for being a Republican, remind them to vote, and share the official list of endorsed Republican candidates with them.

Being a Precinct Captain consists of TWO (2) weekend commitments of 3-4 hours each; once the weekend of October 13th and once the weekend of November 3rd – just before Election Day. Precinct Captains will get trained by, deploy from, and report to, their Area Leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Precinct?”

A precinct is a geographical area defined by the Registrar of Voters. Every voter lives in a precinct. Usually, a precinct is much like a neighborhood, encompassing the nearby streets in your area. Usually, a precinct consists of anywhere from 25-250 homes with registered voters in them.

Am I guaranteed to be able to walk my own precinct?

Unfortunately, because of the fact that there are multiple Republicans living in each precinct, there is a possibility that more than one of your Republican neighbors applies to also become a Precinct Captain! Uh-oh! Don’t worry. If somebody has applied to become a Precinct Captain in a precinct that you reside in, we’ll give you an adjacent precinct that shouldn’t be any further than a 3-minute drive from your home. Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is somewhat rare.

What does it mean to “walk a precinct,” and how long does it take?

Walking a precinct means going door-to-door, speaking to homes with registered Republicans in them, and letting them know who their endorsed candidates are. Usually, many people are not home, so that means a Precinct Captain will simply leave a flyer or door hanger at their door, letting them know who the Republicans are on their ballot and that you stopped by.

What is an “Area”?

An area is a geographical area that we have created to better manage the nearly 3,000 precincts within Stanislaus County. Because many cities are very large, it makes sense to divide them up into multiple areas so that Precinct Captains can pick up their precinct packets and supplies at a location nearby to them, and also have somebody close that they can answer any questions they may have.

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