Help with my ballot

With just 27 days left till election day its time to get ready to vote and we are here to help all ballots will be mailed out to all Stanislaus County registered voters who have been active in the last 2 elections starting October 5th if you have questions you can either Contact Us or you can call us at 209-571-8118.

What to do when I get My ballot ?

  • Request one of our volunteers pick up your ballot please fill this Form out here
  • Mail your ballot at least 1 week before prior to election day.
  • Drop your ballot off at a Satellite Offices/ Drop Boxes

Please note this post will updated


A Word From Our Chairman

Hi Everybody,

Given the events related to COVID-19, the order by the Governor, and
because most of us are in a demographic more highly impacted by the
virus than the general population, it is necessary to cancel the next regular Central Committee meeting.

I hope first, you and your families all stay healthy and in good spirits. Second, we get through the shut-down quickly, so our economy can come back. My fear, of course, is the Democrats need an economic disaster to change their political fortunes, and they will try to prolong the agony. I doubt President Trump will allow Democrats to persist in harsh measures beyond the point where it is reasonably necessary to prevent loss of life.

I don’t want this threat to us all to be political, but that option has already been taken from us. What matters most to me, and I’m sure to you, is we wish the best outcome for each other, and we can get back to business after hopefully only a relatively short period of time.

Family always comes first.

Be well.

Joseph Day